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Thursday, October 8, 2009

CHeck it out!!!

Hey There Guys... Just Here to tell you bout something awesome today...
So... Do any of you play online games???
Maple Story? Runescape? Gaia? Warcraft?
You know those pesky, expensive in game payments that you make....
introducing Prizeband....
Its unique in that, unlike other sites, you dont have to do surveys or receive spam...
All you do is simple tasks like Making a video, or adding them on Myspace...
Or blogging about them, like me...
So if you decide to join, could you please list RaginJS as your refferer? Much Thanks
Its a really easy way to earn those extra cool in game items
And thats not all, because other thing are available on Prizeband like Ipods, Ps2 Games and even full CONSOLES... Its a safe, free way to earn everything you need...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hello Vader...ers!

My name is Nuclear Waste, you probably know that already..... 
I am the Darth-Design, so if you have any recommendations, i guess you can tell me.

i don't talk much...

Im also in charge of the upcoming forum redesign.
If you like the changes, well yeh. That was me.
If your interested in design and all that kinda stuff, you can PM me on the forum.
Were interested in building up a forum group of Designers, so Pls Help us.

Yours designedly, probably not...
Nuclear Waste

Friday, August 21, 2009

Vader Radio Ad

Hey Guys,
Here's the second video. It's an ad for Vader Radio. I personally think its Awesome, but you make the choice, and so please act on it. Comment Vote and Subscribe. Ohh, and Enjoy.

Huge Updates!!!

In case you guys are wondering why i've been away for so long, its cos massive updates are finally online. The list includes a second video, update feeds, Forum Upgrades, and the greatest of all, iTunes is online.

Firstly, I've updated the forum, and i'm planning some major design work on both sites. My new team of designers, who will named soon, will completely redesign the forum. You can go see.

Secondly, and best of all, iTunes has started hosting the feeds of our videos under Vader Radio Podcasts. Its great, and im very proud to announce that more is on the way.

So please. Get together and spread the word. Vader Radio is well truly on the way. So Everyone, LMAO, LOL, ROFL, and all that other crap. Seeya soon!!!


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Vader Radio Intro Episode 1

Hi Guys.
Great News. Vader Radio's first clip, the pilot/intro of our new show, The Vader Tales is now online.
 Find it HERE or at if your a youtuber, and dont like the blogger videos. Pls Comment here, and on youtube, and if you really liked it, subscribing on the forum can really help! Thnx

Friday, August 7, 2009



That "NO" actually represented the entire, dire message about to be presented to you in morse code. In a freak accident, the Vader Radio Head Quarters was completely destroyed, by which I mean my computer crashed. This disaster has meant that all videos for the first 4 eps of Twisted TV  have been lost. As a result, i will begin work on a new copy of the videos immeditely. So release dates for TWISTED TV HAVE BEEN PUSHED BACK ALMOST INDEFINATLEY TILL FUTURE CITATION. Soz folks. Instead, whilst some members of the team, such as Captin' Zapp, will help on TWISTED TV restoration. All other members of the cast have been assigned new positions.
Which brings me to our second point. Our new grand release will be a special for the Moon landing anniversary. We will be conducting a series of interviews and audio-tapes, as well as several "CLASSIFIED" documents, ultimately ending on the release date of the new movie District 9. Alien Extraterrestriavaganza as it has been named, begins in less than 15 days. A count down will commence soon, to the final project release date, on the premiere night of District 9>.<

So anyway, pls follow the blog, or my "mafia" "friends" "will" "have" "you" "whacked".
Seeya soon. BTW, other members will start controlling projects soon, so look out for new names in future posts!
Yours Truly, RaginJS!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Attention! Updates Coming Up!

Dear Readers, if I even have any...

I would like to proudly inform you of the our latest and greatest and firstest addition to the Vader Radio line up: Twisted Tv! It will take all your favorite( plus some you really hate, plus some that are just F%$#ing Stupid) and do what so many web celebs have attempted. We are going to make an Abridged Super Series.
Taking episodes and pilots from some of the greatest and gayest TV shows and abridging them. Which is essentially to turn a piece of crap into a steaming hot piece of crap. But they're still funny.
Twisted TV will originally be a solo project, though guest appearences by other cast members will occur frequently. Which brings me to our next point. We need more people. Five members are currently up and running helping me run the show. If five is good, 100000000 is better! So once the forum is up (Which will be in the next week) we want all hands on deck.(I said dEck, not you know what!)
So, yeah. Twisted Tv is set for its first release on the 10th of August at the earliest, though the 15th is looking more likely!
I always like to end on a positive note!