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Friday, August 7, 2009



That "NO" actually represented the entire, dire message about to be presented to you in morse code. In a freak accident, the Vader Radio Head Quarters was completely destroyed, by which I mean my computer crashed. This disaster has meant that all videos for the first 4 eps of Twisted TV  have been lost. As a result, i will begin work on a new copy of the videos immeditely. So release dates for TWISTED TV HAVE BEEN PUSHED BACK ALMOST INDEFINATLEY TILL FUTURE CITATION. Soz folks. Instead, whilst some members of the team, such as Captin' Zapp, will help on TWISTED TV restoration. All other members of the cast have been assigned new positions.
Which brings me to our second point. Our new grand release will be a special for the Moon landing anniversary. We will be conducting a series of interviews and audio-tapes, as well as several "CLASSIFIED" documents, ultimately ending on the release date of the new movie District 9. Alien Extraterrestriavaganza as it has been named, begins in less than 15 days. A count down will commence soon, to the final project release date, on the premiere night of District 9>.<

So anyway, pls follow the blog, or my "mafia" "friends" "will" "have" "you" "whacked".
Seeya soon. BTW, other members will start controlling projects soon, so look out for new names in future posts!
Yours Truly, RaginJS!!!

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